NAMSUN (S.Korea)

1975 Hanman Industry Co. in Korea. Ltd. Kore was the first to produce a multi-drilling machine. Since then, CNC lathe, CNC machining center, CNC Tap Mill center with Japanese partnership has been recognized as a highly appreciated archeological center in Korea by producing welding robots. Simtos is participating in machinery fairs continuously and has become a focus of interest.


Product : Five Axis Vertical Processing Center
Accessories: NSK – Japan or FAG – German Spindle Bearings
TSUBAKI – Japan Ball Screw
THK – Japan L/M Guide


KOMATEC will continue contribute to F·A through production of CNC TAPPING CENTER, and will satisfy the demand of users through progressive machine tools with good productivity.
1975.01.-Established Hanman Industry Co.,Ltd.
1977.06.-Developed MULTI-DRILLING M/C first in Koreas
1986.01.-Changed the company name into Shidae Heavy Industry.
1986.01.-Developed Automatic Hydraulic Pressure and Hydraulic Pressure Feed
1990.02.-Developed CNC LATHE (TOP STAR)
1990.04.-Developed CNC MACHINING CENTER (SD 30


Product : Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center (APC)
5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
Tapping Center
Tapping Center (APC)
Accessories : FAG – German Spindle Bearings
TSUBAKI – Japan Ball Screw
THK – Japan L/M Guide

DMC (S.Korea)

DMC has exerted efforts to play a significant role in the development of national economy and machine industries as a living testimony since it was established in 1944.DMC has manufoctured the essential products for the national basic industries such as machine tools, paper cutting machines and automation machines and so on. It’also on our task to satisfy the customer by providing the products through the continuous technical development and quality management.The 21st centuries is called the economy war age with a severe competition, and so we recognize that company’s competitiveness is essential for survival in this age.We’ll do our best to be a reliable company for customers by providing them much higher added value through continuous technical development and innovation.DMC sincerely appreciates your interest and auspices and begs the continuous support and assistance.


Product : CNC Lathe
CNC Gang Type Lathe
Vertical Machining Center
Tapping Center
Automation Lines
Accessories : NSK – Japan or FAG – German Spindle Bearings
TSUBAKI – Japan Ball Screw
THK – Japan L/M Guide
YUKEN – Japan Hydraulic Unit

Four Star (Taiwan)

YONG JU (Y.J.) PRECISION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is located at Taichung , Taiwan that established by several technician and expertise who deeply loves research, development and challenge in this field.
Our specialized main products are CNC double column machining center.
Our build FOUR-STAR : excellent, confident, intellect, service on enterprise spirit.

Product : Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center
Accessories : NSK – Japan Spindle Bearings
HIWINI – Taiwan Ball Screw
HIWIN – Taiwan Lineer Guide
ZF – German Gear Box
HEIDENHAIN – German Lineer Scala

KAMIOKA (Taiwan)

KAMIOKA is a historical and well-experienced machinery manufacturer since 1965. Tracing to its inception, the company was a repair shop of motorcycles in its early stages. In the middle stages, KAMIOKA designed and supplied key components of machinery such as parts processing, gear head of machine, completed machinery and so on. Through the development in the past decades, it has been accumulating a lot of mechanical engineering experiences on various kinds of machines.


Product : Vertical Machining Center
Accessories : NSK – Japan Spindle Bearings
HIWINI – Taiwan or PMI – Taiwan Ball Screw
REXROTH – Germany or NSK – Japan Lineer Guide
ZF – German Gear Box


FONG HO (Taiwan)

Fong Ho has held firm to its business philosophy of “Responsibility, Dedication & Uniqueness” since the company’s incorporation by Tzu-jen Hsieh in early 1972.

Responsibility : Means personal integrity and concern for the environment as well as sharing of profits with the company’s employees, their families, and shareholders.
Dedication : is expressed in devoting to long-tern goals and never-ending pursuit of the highest quality control and assurance.
Uniqueness : Reflects the determination to remain a one-of-a-kind enterprise, serving a highly specialized niche world market.


Product :

CNC Cold Saw
CNC Shaft Saw

Accessories : KANEFUSA – Japan Saw